5 Methods to Repair It

In case your sunroof is caught open, it may be a giant drawback, particularly in case you are anticipating snow or rain. Let’s take a look at what you are able to do about it.

The sunroof is likely one of the greatest equipment in most automotive fashions. They’re current on the automotive roof and permit further gentle and air to enter the passenger cabin.

But when your sunroof is caught open on a windy or wet day, it’s going to enable water, mud, and particles to enter the automotive cabin, which is kind of annoying and irritating.

There will be varied causes behind the issue. As an illustration, if there is a matter with the sunroof motor, you’ll face the issue. Moreover, if a lot mud and dust get collected on the observe, then the sunroof is not going to shut.

Sunroof Is Stuck Open

What Is A Sunroof?

The sunroof is situated on the roof of the automotive. It includes a clear glass panel that opens and closes with a single button. It has primarily two functions. The primary is to permit contemporary air into the automotive cabin, and the second is to allow the daylight to get contained in the automotive.

Variations Of Sunroof

#1. Pop Of Sunroof

Pop of sunroof is likely one of the straightforward choices that the automotive producer can add. It has no motor or any shifting components. There are easy locks that maintain the sunroof glass panel in its place. You possibly can tilt the glass to permit the contemporary air contained in the automotive cabin or just detach it and maintain it on the trunk.

#2. Spoiler Sunroof

The spoiler sunroof lets you tilt just like the pop of a sunroof. You possibly can slide it and permit contemporary air to enter contained in the passenger seats. However the sunroof will open solely 60 %, which will be inconvenient for some folks. Spoiler sunroofs are normally factory-fitted or fitted in most automobiles throughout manufacturing.

#3.Inbuilt Sunroof

The inbuilt sunroof is solely completely different from the above two sunroofs. It opens solely, which provides a pleasant view from inside and out of doors. You possibly can even use the lean button for popping the automotive’s rear sunroof. This kind of sunroof is normally noticed in massive and costly automobiles.

#4. Panoramic Sunroofs

You can see quite a few glass panels in panoramic sunroofs. In some designs, there are solely two glass panels, from which one is fastened, and the opposite is movable.

How To Repair A Sunroof That Is Caught Open In Automotive?

The sunroofs in most autos are automated, i.e., they open and shut with the assistance of a sunroof change. However it might get caught open due to mechanical or electrical points.

The mechanical points embody broken motor or gears contained in the motor. Generally a damaged part prevents the sunroof from closing accurately. {The electrical} points embody issues with sunroof cables.

You possibly can shut your automated sunroof manually by eradicating the middle console. Take a screwdriver and rotate it on the outlet current contained in the sunroof motor. You can see that sunroof is well closing.

However that may be a momentary repair. With a purpose to have a everlasting repair, you’ll want to discover the precise trigger which is hindering to shut of the sunroof within the car. Let’s talk about this beneath.

#1. Test The Fuse Of the Sunroof

Many fuses are inside your automotive to guard a circuit or wires each time there’s a brief circuit. The fuse blows in such a case and doesn’t enable the surplus present to circulate by means of the circuit and electrical cables.

So, your first obligation shall be to find {the electrical} fuse of the sunroof. Keep in mind, if it has blown away, it’s the motive for the caught sunroof.


  • Park your automotive in a secure place.
  • Interact the parking or emergency brake.
  • Change off your engine.
  • See your automotive handbook to seek out the precise location of the sunroof fuse.
  • In most autos, you’ll normally discover a sunroof fuse close to the automotive battery.
  • Test the fuse with the assistance of a lightweight.
  • If the filament is broken, you should exchange the sunroof fuse. Keep in mind, for those who discover a small crack within the filament, then that additionally signifies a blowing fuse.
  • But when the fuse is practical, then examine the sunroof motor.

#2. Test Sunroof Motor

Points within the sunroof motor will be the rationale for the sunroof to stay open in your automotive. So, if the fuse is in good situation, your subsequent obligation shall be to examine the motor. However for which you’ll want to open the middle console of your car. It’s normally situated on the automotive roof and between the driving force and passenger seats.

  • Take away the 2 screws with a T25 drill bit screwdriver and pull the middle console by your hand.
  • You can see the three bolts holds which maintain the sunroof motor.
  • You need to use a T20 drill bit screwdriver or hex key to take away the motor.
  • Maintain all of the screws in a secure place to reinstall the motor correctly.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness, and the motor shall be eliminated.
  • In some automotive fashions, you’ll find the sunroof motor simply by eradicating the middle console, whereas in different fashions, the sunroof motor is current deep contained in the roof liner. In such a case, you should lose the roof liner to seek out the sunroof motor.
  • Test the gears contained in the motor. If they’re broken, then you’ll want to exchange them.
  • Concurrently examine the wires which might be related to the sunroof motor. There could also be a brief circuit that forestalls the electrical energy from reaching the motor and stops the sunroof from closing successfully.
  • Take a multimeter and take a look at the electrical wires and switches.
  • If the multimeter reveals no resistance, {the electrical} cables are in good situation, but when it reveals excessive resistance, there are points with the cables.
  • The pc inside the electrical sunroof motor may also have points with which the sunroom can stay open within the car. In such instances, you’ll want to change the electrical motor.

Effectively, to switch the motor, you’ll want to observe the beneath steps

  • Take away all of the screws which might be related to the motor
  • Disconnect all of the wires which might be related to the sunroof motor.
  • Now join the cables to the newly bought sunroof motor.
  • Set up the screws on the brand new electrical motor.
  • You possibly can relaxation the sunroof by taking a look at your automotive handbook after which checking the sunroof.

#3. Filth Current In Sunroof Observe

The sunroof slides on the sunroof tracks. However sadly, mud and dust can get collected on the observe with time as a result of the sunroof observe is all the time open to the surface environment. In some automotive fashions, some sensors will detect if there’s mud and dust current on the sunroof tracks and prevents the sunroof from sliding.

You possibly can clear the sunroof observe by following the steps.

  • Park your automotive in a secure place and interact the parking brake.
  • Use a vacuum to scrub the tracks of the sunroof.
  • Now maintain the vacuum in a single hand and the toothbrush within the different hand. You need to use a vacuum all around the sunroof observe to take away particles and mud and brush the observe with the toothbrush. Don’t use a stiff, bristle brush for cleansing the sunroof observe.
  • Now take an outdated clear fabric and put some degreaser on it. Wipe all around the sunroof observe to make it clear.
  • By no means use paper towels for cleansing sunroof tracks as a result of the paper particle can get caught contained in the observe, and later you’ll want to take away them.
  • Now use rubber grease on the observe to lubricate the sunroof observe.
  • Open and shut the sunroof so the grease will unfold all around the observe.
  • Don’t use a variety of grease; in any other case, the sunroof glass will get soiled.

#4. Examine The Carry Arms

You must take a look at the raise arms by eradicating the glass from the sunroof. Generally the guides can get stay caught within the open place. If that is your case, take a screwdriver and transfer the information barely so the raise arms can transfer correctly. Now put the sunroof glass again in its place.

#5. Test The Sunroof Cables

Generally the sunroof cables can block the raise arm and guides, and thus the raise arm can not transfer correctly.

If so, you should take away the J plate and align the cables correctly so that it’ll now not block the raise arms.

Continuously Requested Questions

How do you manually shut an influence sunroof?

You possibly can manually shut the facility sunroof within the following methods.
You must take away the middle console, as a sunroof motor shall be inside it.
Take a screwdriver and rotate it on the outlet current within the motor.
You can see that sunroof will shut simply.

Why is my sunroof caught open?

Your sunroof can get caught open for primarily two causes, i.e., lack of energy and dust accrued on the sunroof tracks.
A lot of the autos are geared up with an automated sunroof. When the cables get worn out, or the electrical motor will get broken, the sunroof can not obtain energy and therefore will be caught open. You must examine the motor and cables and, if required, exchange them.
You have to additionally clear the sunroof observe first with the vacuum after which with a degreaser. You must then use rubber grease for lubricating the sunroof observe.

How do I reset my sunroof?

You must reset the sunroof when you’ve simply changed the sunroof fuse or sunroof motor. Moreover, if the 12-volt battery in your automotive is discharged or the auto sunroof change button just isn’t functioning accurately, it’s a must to reset the sunroof.
To reset the sunroof, you’ll want to observe the strategies beneath.
Attempt to carry out the reset process when your automotive’s ignition key’s switched on.
The sunroof glass must be closed in your car. Attempt to push the change ahead if it isn’t closed and launch it when it’s fully closed.
You must push the sunroof change ahead and permit the sunroof to maneuver barely after which launch, which can take nearly 10 seconds.
You must push the change once more, and inside three seconds and inside it, the sunroof will slide, transfer and shut. You possibly can then launch the sunroof button.
Repeat the process for those who can not do it inside this time interval.

Why is my panoramic sunroof not closing?

There is usually a few attainable causes in case your panoramic sunroof just isn’t closing. We’re itemizing them beneath.
Filth accumulation on the sunroof tracks
Damaged motor
Filth accumulates on the gears.
Broken sunroof cables
Blown sunroof fuse

Wrap Up

The sunroof is likely one of the fashionable and funky equipment current in automobiles. However whether it is caught open, then you’ll face vital issues.

We’ve got mentioned some attainable causes for the sunroof to remain open. However for those who don’t have technical expertise or are unaware of auto components, it’s best to take your car to the closest mechanic. He’ll detect the foundation trigger and attempt to resolve the issue.

Thanks for studying this text. You might also wish to examine what to do in case your solar visor doesn’t keep up!