Letting your youngsters stick their heads out by your sunroof may land you a RM500 high-quality and three months jail

PDRM has issued a press launch warning motorists to not drive with their youngsters sticking elements of their our bodies out of the sunroof. That is in response to a video posted by Twitter consumer @nabilahroslan displaying a purple Proton X70 within the quick lane of NKVE with a toddler standing by the sunroof.

In keeping with PDRM, this motion may land you with a RM500 high-quality and jail time of as much as 3 months, or each. The offence falls beneath Section 336 of the Penal Code – “whoever does any act so rashly or negligently as to hazard human life or the non-public security of others.”

PDRM additionally requires the proprietor or driver of the Proton X70 and every other witnesses to return ahead and make a police report, or to contact Sarjan Mejar Mohd Yusof b Hamzah at 01123065984 to assist with investigations.

It goes with out saying, even when this motion wasn’t unlawful and punishable by legislation, you shouldn’t do it out of pure love and concern in your youngsters. Don’t do that!

It’s already harmful sufficient that the kid was not correctly secured in a toddler seat, however think about all of the unhealthy issues that might occur with the youngsters physique hanging out of the car.